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Cleaning and Disinfection Steps of Woodpecker Ultrasonic Scalers Handpiece - JMU DENTAL INC

Cleaning and Disinfection Steps of Woodpecker Ultrasonic Scalers Handpiece

After the treatment, the handle needs to be cleaned and disinfected to remove blood stains and prevent cross-infection.

Steps are as follows.

  1. Clean the working tip. Use a force-limiting wrench to remove the working tip from the handpiece, wipe the working tip with an alcohol cotton ball, rinse it with clean water after leaving it for 5 minutes, and finally dry it with a three-purpose gun.
  2. Clean the unplugging part of the tail wire. Use clean water to rinse the unplugged part of the tail wire for more than 10 seconds. After rinsing, use a three-way gun to dry it, and hang it upside down on the bracket to dry. Note: Make sure the tail wire is powered off before cleaning.
  3. Clean the handpiece. Wipe the surface of the handpiece with an alcohol cotton ball, leave it for five minutes, and rinse it with clean water. Disassemble the handpiece as shown in the picture below, rinse each part, blow dry with a three-way gun, and finally put it back together. For some dirt residues on the handpiece socket, it is recommended to use a disposable dental brush to brush it while rinsing it with clean water.
  4. Clean the force limit wrench. Rinse the limit wrench with clean water, and then blow dry with a three-way gun.
  5. Pack all the above components in sterilization bags.
  6. Under the pressure of 132℃/134℃ and 2.0bar~2.3bar, the sterilization time is 10-15 minutes.
Note: After the disinfection is completed, it needs to be left to cool for a period of time before taking it out to prevent burns


NOTE: All parts of the handpiece are autoclavable, including the LED lights.

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