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Woodpecker Ultrasonic Scalers Water Supply Method - JMU DENTAL INC

Woodpecker Ultrasonic Scalers Water Supply Method

Because the working tip of the dental scaler will heat up when it is working, it needs to be cooled by water supply to protect the patient and the working tip while cleaning the teeth. The water supply method of the ultrasonic dental scaler is mainly distinguished by "whether there is a built-in water supply system". The essential difference between the two is whether there is a power device such as a pump to increase the water pressure inside the machine, which is subdivided as follows.

Type Waterway Built-in water supply system
(with pump)
No built-in water supply system
(without pump)
External nozzle Special water bottle For example 
1 Single waterway D7; UDS-E
2 Single waterway D1; D5; UDS-P; S6
3 Double waterway U600; D600
4 Single waterway UDS-L


Type 1

Just add water directly to the water bottle, and cannot connect to an external water source.

Type 2

This scalers need external water connection, and the water source needs to have a certain water pressure. There are three methods of water connection as follows, the details are as follows:

Method 1: Supply water through a high-hanging bottle (the bottle in the picture is only for illustrative purposes). The height difference between the bottle and the dental scaler should not be less than 1 meter. One end of the water pipe with a white tip is directly inserted into the bottle, and the other end is connected to the dental scaler.

Method 2: Supply water through an external water supply system (Auto water supply system AT-1 can be purchased separately). The external water supply system has its own water pipes, and there is no need to use the water pipes attached to the scaler itself.

Method 3: Connect the dental chair, cut off the white pointed end of the water pipe that comes with the scaler, connect it to the quick connector, then connect the quick connector to the water outlet of the dental chair, and connect the other end of the water pipe directly to the scaler.

Note: The water out of the dental chair needs to have a certain water pressure, otherwise the water out of the working tip of the scaler cannot be sprayed when the scaler is working.

Type 3

With dual waterway design, has both type 1 and type 2 water supply methods, you can directly add water to the water bottle for water supply, or you can supply water according to type 2 water supply method.


Type 4

This type of scalers is actually a combination of Type 2 products and an external water supply system, the difference is that the air pump of the external water supply system is built into the dental scaler. Currently only UDS-L machines are of this type.


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