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Woodpecker i-Sensor H2 Digital Intraoral X-Ray RVG Sensor Twain w/ Ai Dental Free Software

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Woodpecker i-Sensor H2 Digital Intraoral X-Ray RVG Sensor Imaging System For Adult, Free Software Ai-Dental. TWAIN Compatible. Waterproof. 4.5mm Thinnest. Ultra-high Image Resolution. Easy to Use Smart and Powerful Software. FDA Approved. 

Twain Driver

You can add the woodpecker i-sensor to the Imaging Devices section of the customer's original sensor software.

If the woodpecker i-sensor is not listed in the imaging device selection, you can try installing AiDental, which comes with the i-sensor package via USB.

Once you install AiDental, the TWAIN Driver is automatically installed, and it supports most X-ray software.


Download Here

    Important Tips Before Purchasing

    • TWAIN Compatible. Woodpecker i-Sensor does not have a TWAIN driver, but it can be used with TWAIN if your software support TWAIN or you download it through a different source.
    • The most computer (Win 7-Win 11) can run our software, newer than Win 7 should be fine.  But please notice our i-Sensor doesn't compatible with Apple computer, doesn't support Windows XP. You can install on as many computers as you want, and you can share on the different computer just make sure you have one computer is always on and working as a server will be fine, the images can be emailed.
    • Woodpecker i-Sensor only comes with one USB driver, which contains TWO parts: Sensor Software and CorrectFile.
    • Notice: JMU Dental is dedicated to providing premium service to our customers. However, we do not provide technical services at this time. If buyers have any issue with this product, we will do our best to contact the Woodpecker manufacturer to find a solution.


    • C Mos technology.
    • Curved edges to avoid patient injury.
    • Highly flexible cable, up to 2.9m (114") long.
    • Smart and powerful software. Now there is no limit for computers connected to the software license.
    • Easy-to-use software, with workflow efficiency improvements.
    • Ultra-high image resolution- 25lp/mm theoretical resolution, which can provide doctors with clearer diagnostic images.
    • I Sensor RVG serves as a highly effective aid throughout the diagnosis, treatment, and treatment planning process.
    • As a powerful, centralized imaging hub for all patient images, Woodpecker i-Sensor manages all digital images, including intra- and extra-oral radiographs, as well as intra- and extra-oral photographs.
    • An ideal solution for intraoral imaging needs, the easy-to-use sensor allows users to capture exceptional images quickly and easily.
    • Durable and reliable: 80000+ bending test & IP68 protection rating.
    • The trusted brand of Woodpecker now adds RVG line and service to its Imaging Portfolio which is available on, Woodpecker has built a stellar reputation as brand whose products extend from a strong lineage of imaging excellence and robust performance.

    Technical Parameters

    Type H2 Sensor
    Power adapter input 5V/USB interface
    Theoretical Resolution 25lp/mm
    Detector Technology APS CMOS
    Scinitillator Csl
    Pixel Matrix 1300*1800
    True Resolution 20lp/mm
    Active Area 26*36
    AD Conversion (Bit) 16
    Data Interface USB 2.0
    Protection IP68
    Pixel matrix size 1300*1800mm
    Effective area 26*36mm
    Mechanical Size 30.4*41.9*4.4
    Weight 158g
    Target users Adults

    Packing List

    • 1 x Rvg i Sensor 
    • 1 x Sensor fixer
    • 1 x Disposable protective bag
    • 1 x Sensor silicone sleeve
    • 1 x U disk
    • 2 x Fixing screw
    • 2 x Rubber Stopper
    • 1 x Anti-counterfeiting query label
    • 1 x Qualified certificate
    • 1 x Warranty card
    • 1 x Instruction manual
    • 1 x Packing list


    Since the date of sales, the main unit can enjoy warranty for One year with warranty card.