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Woodpecker EndoMatic Cordless Endo Motor Built-in Apex Locator

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【Endo Matic Operation Demonstration】 

【Endo Matic Maintenance】 

Woodpecker EndoMatic Cordless Endo Motor Built-in Apex Locator, 2 in1 Endo System Insulated Plastic Contra-angle without Using Silicone Sleeves. 300° Rotatable Contra-angle. Length Determination. Auto Start and Stop & Auto Reverse and Stop & Auto Apical Slow-down. All-Angle OLED Screen. Built-in 20+ file systems. Wireless Charging. Endodontic Root Canal Measurement and Treatment. One Year Warranty.


  • 300 Degrees Rotation of Contra Angle

The contra angle rotates 300°, the OLED display can always be viewed easily. Adjustable reciprocating contra angle, better matching effect.

  • Length Determination

This length measuring fuction make the endo treatment safer. The OLED screen shows the file position in real-time. The motor will gradually slow-down when approach the apical point and will stop roatate or reversely roate when the file reach the apical point.

  • Auto Start and Stop & Auto Reverse and Stop & Auto Apical Slow-down

When used in intergrated mode, the motor will automatically start when the file in inserted into the canal and stop when the file is taken out. Automatically reverse/stop, when the apical point is reached. Automatically slow-down as it gradually approaches the apical point. Effective prevention of file breakage.

  • Aviation Grade Insulated Plastic Contra Angle

Easy to use and autoclaveable. The surface for the contra angle is insulated which make the Endo Motor and Apex Locator can be used together, and no need to use the silicone sleeve to insulate.

  • All-Angle OLED Screen

Without viewing angle limit, clear display can be guaranteed even under stong light.

  • Maximum Compatability

Built-in 20+ file systems, wide speed and torque range make EndoMatic compatable with most file system such as FKG, Dentsply, Edge Endo, Vakker etc on the market.

    Technical Parameter

    • Power input: ~100V-240V 50Hz/60Hz 0.4A Max
    • Handpiece Lithium battery: 3.7V/ 2000mAh
    • Power output: DC15V/ 1A
    • Speed rang: 100rpm~1000rpm
    • Torque rang: 0.4Ncm~5.0Ncm (4mNm~50mNm)

    Packing List

    • Charging Base *1
    • Motor handpiece *1
    • Contra angle *1
    • Spray nozzle *1
    • Measuring wire *1
    • File clip *1
    • Lip hook *1
    • Touch probe *1
    • Disposable insulation sleeves *1
    • Adapter *1
    • Built-in electrode *1
    • Instruction manual *1
    • Oualified certificate *1
    • Warranty card *1
    • Apex Locator Troubleshooting Card *1
    • Packing list *1


      One year warranty