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Woodpecker Dental MT2 Brushless Electric Motor 1:5 Contra Angle Handpiece

Item# 10207001
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Original Woodpecker Dental Brushless Electric Motor MT2 with 1:5 Contra-angle LED Handpiece. Refined trimming, faster tooth preparation, more powerful crown splitting.  2k-40k rpm. Four-hole water spray.  More stable speed and torque output, better tooth preparation with German bearing.  Brushless motor offers low abrasion, low heat generation, lower noise and longer service life.  3.5" LED screen, one button control.  Memorable program setting.  Two Year warranty.


  • Refined Trimming, Fast Tooth Preparation, More Powerful Crown-splitting.
  • Imported german bearing low vibration enables more precise tooth preparation.Stable and precise cutting guarantee stable speed and torque output.
  • Minimally invasive repairing precise teeth preparation.Compared with turbine handpiece, it has larger clamping force and can grasp the bur tighter. Effective improve the precision of trimming and tooth prepareation.
  • High performance brushless motor with greater torque and lower noise. Lower noise and faster tooth preparation. Low abrasion, low heat generation and longer service life.
  • Four-hole water spray, less aerosol.Compared with turbine handpiece, it can decrease more than 50% aerosol, to ensure the safety of the treatment environment.
  • One button control. More convenient easier operation.
  • 3.5" LCD Screen. Large LCD Screen presents all functions: Speed ratio, Modes, Speed adjustment, LED, Forward/ Reverse rotation, Setting, Save etc.
  • Anti-overheating design. Avoid accidental touching of the cover burns patients, more safer to operate.
  • Anti-suction design. Reduce cross infection, prolong the service life of the contra angle.

      Specification of Main Unit

      • Model: MT2
      • Power supply input: 100-240V~ 50/60Hz
      • Power supply output: DC 30V 3.2A
      • Main unit weight: 620.7g
      • Size:165.5mm×129.7mm×77.6mm

        Specification of Motor 

        • Model: E-MT2
        • Rotation speed: 2000-40000 rpm
        • Voltage input: DC 24V
        • Torque range: 1N•cm~5N•cm
        • Motor LED light: 3 W
        • Size: Φ22×76.7mm
        • Motor handpiece weight: 70.6g
        • Tail cord length: 1.8m

          Packing List

          • 1* Electric motor main unit
          • 1* Motor kit
          • 6* O-ring
          • 1* Motor tail
          • 1* Power adapter
          • 1* Transparent hose
          • 1* Power cord
          • 1* Instruction manual
          • 1* Qualified certificate
          • 1* Warranty card
          • 1* Packing list

            Indications for Use

            • The MT2 dental electric motor is intended for use in general dental applications such as: cutting a tooth for cavity preparation, crown preparation, crown finishing, inlay, filing, polishing, prophylaxis and endodontic treatment.
            • The Dental Electric Motor can be used with a ISO E-type straight, right-angle or contra-angle handpiece attachment of equal, gear-reducing, or gear increasing speed.
            • The contra-angle handpieces (model:WJ-15, WJ-15L) are driven by a micro-motor to rotate at a specified speed, so as to drive the dental bur. It is applicable to drilling and grinding in dental surgery.


            Two Year warranty on main unit and one year warranty for motor and contra-angle.