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STURDY Autoclave 24L Microm Steam Sterilizer SA-260MA-R With Recorder

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Model: Microm Steam Sterilizer
Type: SA-260MA-R

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STURDY 24L Dental Medical Autoclave Steam Sterilizer SA-260MA-R With Data Recorder by Apex Group Post Vacuum Auto Door Lock One Year Warranty Six-year Offer Repair

    Indication for Use

    The STURDY Autoclave Super Microm (models SA-260MA-R) is intended to be used in medical and dental offices, hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, laboratories, and other facilities to sterilize heat and moisture stable reusable equipment.

    Dental handpieces can be sterilized in the models SA-260MA-R. The STURDY Autoclave Super Microm (models SA-260MA-R) is not recommended for sterilization of liquid intended for direct patient contact.


    • Dynamic air removal by vacuum pump.
    • Post vacuum.
    • Data recorder.
    • Auto door lock.

    Technical Specifications

    Item SA-260MA-R
    Overall Size 25.79” x 20.98” x 16.61” (655mm x533mm x422mm)
    Chamber size 24L (Ø 10.24”x 17.72”
    Sterilization temperature 270℃/ 132℃
    Chamber Capacity 6.34 Gallon/ 24Liter
    Net weight 119lbs (54kg)
    Dry time 30 Minutes
    Program - Handpiece sterilization program
    - 250°F warpped program
    - 270°F unwarpped program
    - 270°F warpped program
    - Pump test
    - B&D test
    - Re-dry function
    Safety Device - Pressure overload protection
    - Overheat protect
    - Emergency button

      Packing List

      • Instruction manual x 1
      • Heater cover x 1
      • Tray rack x 1 (standard)
      • Tray x 3 (standard)
      • Tray holder x 1 (standard)
      • Pouch holder x 1 (optional)
      • USB flash drive (with PC Sturdy Record Reader software) x 1 (optional for SA-260MA-R only)


      One Year Warranty, Six-year Offer Repair