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Vertise Flow Composites - Self-Adhering Flowable Composite

Item# 17004005
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Material: Vertise Flow Refills A1
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Self-Adhering Flowable Composite

Vertise Flow, the first self-adhering dental composite powered by OptiBond™. It greatly simplifies your direct restorative procedures by incorporating a bonding agent into a flowable. With this flowable dental composite there is no need to bond separately, reducing steps and saving time. Vertise Flow shares the same characteristic inherent in self-etch materials and reduces the chance of post-op sensitivity. Our leadership in resin restorative dentistry comes after decades of innovation in dental composites and expertise in adhesives - both of which come together in Vertise Flow.

Vertise Flow Composites, Self-Adhering Flowable Composite, 34241, Vertise Flow Refills A1, 2 Syringes (2 g each)

Vertise Flow Composites, Self-Adhering Flowable Composite, 34242,  Vertise Flow Refills A2, 2 Syringes (2 g each)