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Premium Plus Dental Prophy Air Motor Handpiece 4 Holes with 3 Nose Cones

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Premium Plus Dental Hygiene Prophy Air Motor Handpiece 4 Holes #1002-4 With 3 Nose Cones. Made in USA. Lightweight and Smooth. 4:1 Reduction 360° Swivel. Ergonomic Design. Autoclavable. Compatible with All Standard Disposable Prophy Angles. FDA Approved. One Year Warranty. 


    • 360° Swivel for superb maneuverability. 
    • 134 Degree heat disinfection.
    • Ergonomic design provides perfect balance.
    • Smooth, vibration-free operation up to 3,000 RPM.
    • Compatible with all standard disposable Prophy Angles, Plastic or Metal.
    • Prophy handpiece with Friction grip chucking, just push in or pull out the prophy head.
    • Premium Plus Prophy Air Motor Handpiece is intended to be used with a disposable prophy angle and prophy paste by a trained dental  professional to perform dental prophylaxis.

    Technical Specifications

    • Diamater×Length: 19mm×112mm
    • Operating speed: 3000 r.p.m.±10% (4:1 Reduction)
    • Connector type: Midwest 4 holes
    • Power output: 6.0 watts
    • Weight: 69 grams
    • Operating air pressure: 3 kg/cm²(42 p.s.)


        One Year Warranty from the date of purchase.