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Microdont Dental Silicone Polishing Bur Kit- Poligloss 18Pcs

Item# 24101003
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Package: 18 Pcs + 1 Mandrel
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Microdont Dental Silicone Poligloss Polishing Bur Polisher Kit Finishing For Composite or Glass Ionomer, Inverted Cone, Flame and Disc Shape, Grit Sizes of Coarse Medium Fine, 18 Pieces+ 1 Mandrel Snap-on, Made in Brazil


  • It consists of snap on system switching the active tips. It is indicted for composite or glass ionomer.

  • Three steps procedure (different grit size).

  • Made in Brazil.

            Technical Specifications

            • Material: Silicone Carbide
            • Color: Green, yellow and white.
            • Weight: 1oz
            • Grit sizes: Coarse, medium, fine.
            • Package: 18 Pieces+ 1 Mandrel Snap-on
            • Shapes: Inverted cone, flame and disc.