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KromaFaze Alginate Impression Materials, Dust Free Color Changing Alginate, 27452DX, Case of 9, Fast Set, Contains: 9, 1lb bags, 9 canisters, 9 powder scoops, and 9 water vials


Dust Free Color Changing Alginate

The color change of KromaFaze Dust-Free alginate offers a visual guide for consistent impression making. The strength and physical characteristics of KromaFaze helps to assure an easy to mix material that produces a surface of smoothness.

  • Purple FAZE: mix
  • Pink FAZE: load
  • White FAZE: set
  • Remove the tray 30 seconds after set.

KromaFaze alginate is also available as Singles.This unique design contains a pre-measured volume of dental alginate for a single impression. The water measure is incorporated as part of the package and eliminates the canister, scoop and water vial.