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JMU NiTi Flexible Files Root Canal Intrument 23mm/25mm #10-#30

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Size: 25mm

JMU NiTi Flexible Files Root Canal Intrument 23mm/25mm #10-#30


1. Safety
-Breakage reduced remarkably → Increases the number of usage.

- Pressure overload disperses to spring → Breakage occurs within the spring part, making it very easy to be removed.

-Reduction of pressure overload on the spring part decreases micro cracks.

-Overload on the spring part can be sensed with its distinctive sound and vibration while the spring is overly twisted, preventing breakage.

2. Flexibility

-Extremely useful for posterior treatments for patients who cannot open their mouth wide enough.

- No need for extra additory reduction when a curved root canal is positioned off the central axis of tooth.

3. Cutting force

-Fine vibration increases the cutting force.

-The srew-in effect in the root canal is greatly reduced by the micro vibration.

4. Economic feasibility

- Due to the incorporation of advanced technology, number of possible

usage has increased by 1.5~2.0 times.

5. Diversity

-Any types or sizes can be customized.

-The performance of a spring endo file can be modified depending on the number of winding times of the spring.

        Technical Specifications

        • Size: #10, #15, #20, #25, #30
        • Length: 23mm/25mm
        • Package: 5pcs/pack