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JMU Dental Mixing Tips Oral Tips Light Body 1:1 Ratio 50/Pk

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Models: Mixing Tips Yellow
Package: 50Pcs/Pack

JMU Dental New Mixing Tips Light Body Oral Tips VPS Impression Material 1:1 Ratio More Saving with Oral Tips Made In Korea 50Pcs/Pack


New 1:1 Mixing Tip  (Yellow)

Total Length : 68mm.

Used for: Light body VPS Impression Material.

*Use with Yellow Oral Tip to save material.

The new mixing tip is assembled with a screw and tube.

NEW MIXING TIP for Cartridge System:

- Impression and relining materials

- Bite registration material

- Temporary crown and bridge material

- Restorative and Cementation materials

Yellow Oral Tip: Paired with Yellow Mixing Tip when use for Light Body VPS Impression Material

*More Accurate, More Saving with Oral Tips.