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JMU 4.5L Professional Ultrasonic Cleaner with Digital Timer & Heater

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Model: Ultrasonic Cleaner
Full Capacity: 4.5L

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JMU 4.5L Dental Powerful Ultrasonic Cleaner Cleaning Machine with Digital Timer and Heater LED Display. Premium Quality Stainless Steel. Double Circuit Protection. Adjustable Heater Functions. 40 kHz Cleaning Frequency and 180W Ultrasonic Power. Multi-field Applications for Jewelry Watch Glasses Tools Parts Cleaning.


The ultrasonic cleaning machine uses the so-called void effect generated by the high-frequency oscillation signal emitted by the ultrasonic wave to make the liquid flow to generate tens of thousands of tiny air bubbles. Huge impact pressure, this huge impact pressure acts on the surface of the cleaning object, the dirt is emulsified and dispersed, and leaves the object to be cleaned to achieve the purpose of cleaning, which can clean dental instruments such as handpiece, pliers, burs, etc., to prevent cross infection and increased instrument life.


  • Premium Quality SUS304 Stainless Steel
Made of a one-step stamped stainless steel 1.1mm thickened inner tank, which is composed of four layers: pearl surface coating, anti-rust coating, anion oxidation coating and SUS304 stainless steel. No welds, seamless and leakage-proof. The product has the characteristic of anti-rust, acid resistance, heat-resistant, corrosion, sturdy and durable.
  • Powerful Ultrasonic Transducer
Built-in high power ultrasonic transducer make 360° no dead angle high effective cleaning. 40KHz frequency creates millions of microscopic cleaning bubbles that deeply clean dirt & grime on surface in a few seconds without any risks. It has the functions of cleaning, solubilization, emulsification, dispersion, purification and extraction, defoaming and crushing.
  • Digital Timer & LED Display
Built-in microcomputer and timer, it supports 0-30 minutes working time select and display, auto start cleaning after setting. The LED digital timer precisely controls the time and temperature to save time and costs.
  • Adjustable Heater Functions
The device has 100W heating power and 20-80℃ adjustable heating temperature. Heating will reduce the adhesion strength of oil and wax to certain materials to be cleaned, thereby improving the cleaning effect.
  • Stainless Steel Cleaning Basket
Come with a stainless steel cleaning basket, help to reduce frictions and protect them on washing. Especially suitable for small stuffs, like: earrings, necklace, sunglasses, dentures, tattoo guns etc.
  • Humanized Design
Designed with square textured appearance, looks simple and pretty; 4Pcs Anti-slip and shock-proof rubber foot pads makes more stable and safer when it’s working; The lid avoid sound and water splash; Great heat dissipation system extends service life; Low noise never disturb your other works.
  • Multi-field Applications
Works great to remove oil, wax, stain quickly. Widely used in laboratory, jewelry, dental devices, glasses, clocks, circuit boards, tableware, electronic factory, hardware parts, hospital cleaning, industrial and others.

    Technical Parameter

    • Model: #030S
    • Full capacity: 4.5L
    • Unit size: 12.8”×7”×9”(325*180*230mm)
    • Tank size: 11.8”×5.9”×3.9”(300*150*100mm)
    • Cleaning basket size: 10.8”×4.9”×3.5”(275*125*90mm)
    • Ultrasonic power: 180W
    • Heating power: 200W
    • Volt: AC100-120V 60Hz
    • Frequency: 40KHz
    • Timer: 0-30min
    • Temperature: 20-80℃
    • Noise: 70DB±20%
    • Net weight: 9.48lbs (4.3kg)

    Packing List

    • Ultrasonic cleaner * 1
    • The lid * 1
    • Cleaning basket *1
    • User manual * 1
    • Power supply * 1