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Injectable Root Canal Bioceramic Sealer Sealing Material Cement Brasseler

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Product Description:
  1. C-Root SP Root Canal Bioceramic Sealer is a convenientoremixed ready-to-use,white hydraulic bioceramic pasteleveloped for permanent root canal filling and sealing applications.
  2. C-Root SP is an insoluble, radiopaque and aluminum-free materiabased on a strontium silicate composition, which requires the presenceof water to set and harden C-Root SP does not shrink during settingand demonstrates excellent physical properties.C-Root SP is packagedin a preloaded syringe and is supplied with disposable Intra Canal tips.
  3. C-Root SP may be delivered into the canal via the disposable tips or itcan be delivered via traditional methods.
Indication for use:
Permanent obturation of the root canal following vital pulp--extirpation.
Permanent obturation of the root canal following removal of infectedor necrotic pulp and placement of intracanal dressings.
C-Root SP is suitable for use in the single cone and lateral condensation technique.
Hand file(s)
Moist cotton balls or swabs
Gutta percha points and paper points
Working Time:
No mixing is required. C-Root SP can be applied immediately and introduced directly into the root canal.The working time can be more than 1.5 hours at room temperature.
Setting Time:
Setting time is 8 hours. However, in very dry root canals, the setting time can be more than 8 hours.