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DX-Mixer Dental HP Mixing Tips Medium Body 5.4mm 1:1 Ratio 48/Pk

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Size: Medium Body 5.4mm
Package: 48Pcs/Pack

DX-Mixer Disposable Dental HP Mixing Tips Impression Material 1:1 Ratio 5.4mm Medium Body VPS PVS Made in Korea 48Pcs/Pack


  • HP Mixing Tips materials as reliably as standard tips with significantly less waste.
  • Attachment of the tips to the cartridges was a little stiff but secure.
  • MixingTips fit all 50ml dual barrel HP cartridges (Defend, Sultan, 3M, Kerr, Ultradent, etc.)
  • HP Mixing Tips are a new generation of mixing tips designed to minimize material waste while providing a consistent, high-quality mixing result. The innovative design allows for a more compact shape by incorporating a higher number of mixing layers internally.


    • Model: HP Mixing Tips Medium Body 1:1 Ratio
    • Color: Red Wings, Clear Tube
    • Length: 81mm
    • Outer/Inner Diameter: 7.3mm/ 5.4mm
    • Package: 48Pcs/ Pack, 10 Packs/Case