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Bio-Art Dental Soft Plates Square 5"x5" Splint Thermoforming Material for Vacuum Forming Machine

Item# 22921003
Original price $14.99 - Original price $14.99
Original price
$14.99 - $14.99
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Models: Soft Plate 3.0mm EVA Mixed Colors -5/Pk
Size: Square 126mm
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Bio-Art Dental Vacuum Forming Splint Thermoforming Material Soft Plate Sheet 5"x5" EVA Square for Lab Vacuum Forming Machine,  Made in Brazil. Wear-resistance and Stablity. Multi-application.


  • Bio-Art Vacuum Forming Sheets have been specially developed for use by dental professionals with the objective of enabling the production of trays for all kinds of applications (fluoridation, bracket fixation, plate for bruxism, surgical guide, matrix for temporary prosthetic teeth, etc.).
  • During the process of plasticizing (vacuum forming), the sheets are heated in an equipment called vacuum forming machine to achieve the ideal point of plasticizing. Then they are formed on the plaster models of the dental arches through vacuum - generated by the device, thus producing the trays.
  • The Sheets are supplied in anti-humidity vacuum packages.
  • Made in Brazil.

    Technical Specifications

     Item Soft Plate Soft Plate Soft Plate Soft Plate
    Thickness 1.0mm 1.5mm 2.0mm 3.0mm
    Appearance Transparent and Malleable Transparent and Malleable Transparent and Malleable Black, Green, Pink, White, Blue, Mixed Colors and Malleable
    Composition EVA EVA EVA EVA
    Size 5"x5" 5"x5" 5"x5" 5"x5"
    Package 10 Units/ Pack 10 Units/ Pack 10 Units/ Pack 5 Units/ Pack
    Applications Whitening / Fluoride application tray

    Whitening / Fluoride application tray;

    Mouth protector / Miorelaxing

    Mouth protector; Mio-relaxing Mouthguard / Miorelaxing