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What to Consider Before Buying a Digital X-Ray Sensor?

What to Consider Before Buying a Digital X-Ray Sensor?

In this artical, we will go over what you should be looking for before buying a digital x-ray sensor. We look forward to sharing with you our advice on what to consider before you buy a digital x-ray sensor.  Many dentists do not even know where to start, and the pricing can be a bit intimidating.  It is no secret that dental technology can add up quickly. Often, when dentists look for digital technology, they might only consider the product’s price range. We understand price matters, but here are the other key factors to consider when buying a digital x-ray sensor.  

Number one is image quality. 

If you look at all the top companies, they all produce great diagnostic quality x-rays. Sure, some may even claim they have better clarity and have sharper images. Yet sometimes, you may not be able to tell the difference. 

The real question we care about is: can I see caries? Can I see decay or pathology clearly on the x-rays? 

A crucial factor affecting image quality is imaging software. 

Second, let’s talk about Imaging software

You need to make sure how the sensor and the imaging software will integrate with the practice management software you have in your office. Most top name manufacturers will integrate with most of the big practice management software applications on the market. 

When you purchase a new sensor, the company usually will help provide you with installation and support to make sure the sensor works with everything you have.  

Tip: To ensure the sensor will be a good fit for your practice, we recommend doing a sensor demo to make sure the sensor works with the imaging software you have. Have your assistant take a few test images to ensure the sensor will work with the software you have in your practice. 

Sizes of Sensor

Most manufacturers make size 0, 1, and 2 sensors. 

  • Size 2 sensor is the adult sensor
  • Size 1 for children 
  • The size 0 is for younger kids ages 8 and below 

Many dental offices will need a size 2 sensor, and whether or not you plan on seeing a lot of children will determine if you need a size 0 sensor. If you’re a pediatric office, you will need a size 0 sensor and possibly a size 1. 

Also, you need sensor holders to take digital x-rays. You will need sensor holders that are going to hold the sensor in the patient’s mouth. There are universal systems out there, and one of the best sensor kits out is the Rinn XCP-DS Fit, sensor holders. Many manufacturers have their own sensor holders that go with their sensors. However, a universal sensor holder is very useful. 

Warranty and Support

Many of these manufacturers offer 1-3 years of warranty, but they don’t cover accidental damage to your sensor. This means bites, trips, kicks, and unfortunately, accidental drops of the sensor will not be covered under your warranty.  Make sure you are covered for more than just manufacturing defects.

Make sure you do your research and find out the support these companies are going to offer you. You want to find a manufacturer that will provide you proper support for installation and training on your sensor. Make sure you ask the company these questions before buying the sensor. 

Wrap up 

Overall, there are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to digital x-ray sensors. We offer Woodpecker digital X-Ray i-Sensor with two years of warranty.  It would be best to consider these factors, which is the best option for your practice.

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