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STURDY Autoclave 24L Microm Steam Sterilizer SA-260MA-R With Recorder - JMU DENTAL INC

How To Choose The Right Autoclave For Your Dental Practice

Are you searching for an autoclave for your dental practice? Are you confused by the sheer number of options available in the market? If so, please read below.

An autoclave is a necessity in a dental practice but the sheer number of options available today can make it a challenging exercise for someone like you searching for the right autoclave for their dental practice.

Autoclave Types

The first thing you need to understand is the different types of autoclaves
available in the market. These are known as class N, class S and class B autoclaves.

The class N autoclaves use gravity displacement to remove a part of the air inside the sterilisation chamber.

These are not recommended to sterilise objects with holes and are recommended only for sterilising flat instruments such as scalpels.

These are also not meant for sterilising bagged or porous objects. The class S autoclaves work by pushing steam inside the chamber which removes the air inside.

This process is repeated multiple times to get rid of all the air inside the sterilisation chamber.

These autoclaves are recommended for sterilising bagged and porous products but not textiles.

The other class is the class B autoclaves which are recommended for all kinds of materials. These autoclaves have a vacuum pump to remove the air.

The removal of air creates a negative pressure which causes steam to enter the chamber. It is the best autoclave for dental practices.

Choosing the Right Autoclave for Your Dental Practice

Now that you are aware of the different types of autoclaves available in the market, it should be easier for you to start doing your research in order to make the right choice.

However, you need to be aware that all the autoclaves to be used at dental practices are required to meet the AS/NZ 4815 standards.
While a class B autoclave is definitely the best choice for a dental practice, there are certain other things you need to take into account to make the right choice.

For instance, the type of load that needs to be sterilised such as handpieces, tools, tubing or other instruments among other things.

Another important thing you need to look at is the staff who is assigned to sterilise.

What Should a Quality Dental Autoclave Include?

No matter which type of autoclave is being used for sanitation purposes, it should have the following features:

  • Quality sanitization capabilities
  • Large enough to cleanse daily-use instruments
  • Drying mechanism for additional sanitation
  • Temperature control for best results

STURDY Steam Autoclave Sterilizer

STURDY 24L Dental Medical Autoclave Steam Sterilizer is a top-rated autoclave based on its sheer size and heating options. Not only can you store more devices inside of it, but it allows you to control the mechanisms to ensure a quality clean. 

The STURDY Autoclave Super Microm (models SA-260MA-R) is intended to be used in medical and dental offices, hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, laboratories, and other facilities to sterilize heat and moisture stable reusable equipment.


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