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BIOART Dental Vacuum Forming Machine PlastVacP7 & PlastPress -  JMU DENTAL INC

How Do You Use Bio-Art Dental Vacuum Forming Machine?

Model 1: Vacuum Forming Machine PlastVacP7

PLASTVAC-P7 BIO-ART multi-application equipment that, due to its easiness of use, has become indispensable in laboratories and odontological offices.

Pioneer in the Brazilian market, the Bio-Art vacuum forming machine has been manufactured since 1979. Being easy to use and its differentiated design, makes the vacuum forming machine the leader in the Brazilian market.
A powerful 1400W motor, it automatically generates the vacuum at the conformation instant. The Plastvac P7 does not need a special installation, since it is connected to the consulting / laboratory power grid.

Quick and practical, possibility the confection and delivery of sheets to the patient in a single session. On average the payback comes with the production of 30 sheets.

The Plastvac P7 has a universal adapter for round and square sheets of different dimensions, thicknesses and materials.

• Mouthguard
• Matrix for composite resin
• Temporary bridge
• Caps
• Fixing of brackets
• Fluoridation mold
• Surgical guide
• Bite plate (bruxism)
• Base sheet
• Individual sheet
• Homemade whitening sheets
• Packing of study models

Technical specifications
• Automatic vacuum activation
• Available in voltages: 110 or 220V (not Bivolt)
• Weight: 5.4 kg
• Dimensions: (WxDxH) 24x27x19 cm

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Model 2: Vacuum Forming Machine PlastPress

PLASTPRESS BIO-ART is a multi-application equipment that, due to its ease of use and handling, has become indispensable in laboratories and dental offices. There are many applications and new techniques are being developed every day, expanding the range of uses.

The most compact positive pressure machine on the market, the PlastPress assure greater accuracy in the forming process and lower noise compared to vacuum machines. Practical and versatile, it allows the sheets production of different materials up to 6mm thickness and accepts round and square shapes.

It must be connected directly to a compressor regulated at a pressure between 3 and 8 bar (43.5 to 116 psi).

8 Security Systems.

For all dental specialties

Technical specifications
• Available in voltages: 110 or 220V
• Weight: 7.5 kg
• Dimensions: (LxWxH) 27x24x27 cm

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