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Original Woodpecker Dental UDS-J2 LED Ultrasonic Pizeo Scaler Cavitron 110V. EMS HW-1L Handpiece. 5 Tips. Scaling, Perio and Endo Functions. Digital Control Automatic Frequency Tracking. Easy Operation. Comfortable Scaling. For Dental Calculus Elimination and Root Canal Treatment. FDA Approved. One Year Warranty. 


  • Sealed handpiece, three colors sleeve attached.
  • The handpiece sleeve can be autoclaved.
  • Automatic frequency tracking. Automatically search the best working frequency.
  • Multi-function: Scaling, Perio and Endo.
  • Optical handpiece, more convenient for clinical operation.
  • The handpiece is cast from Titanium alloy to ensure sound mechanic function and durability.
  • Assembled with excellent piezo-ceramic, the handpiece has high and lasting power and generates little heat.
  • The cable is made from silica gel tube, soft and durable.
  • The scaling tip is made of special material. The cavitation produced from the end of scaling tip makes the cleaning of teeth and the killing of germ easily.
  • Eliminating dental calculus, bacterial plague and tea scales on the teeth quickly without hurting the gum or the enamel.
  • Automatic frequency tracking ensures that the machine always works on the best frequency and performs more steadily.
  • Digitally controlled, easy operation and more efficient for scaling.
  • Compatible with EMS, you could connect your EMS handpiece with this control box, and you could also connect this Woodpecker UDS handpiece with EMS control box.

    Technical Parameter

    • Operating mode: continuous operation
    • Power input: 110V~50Hz/60Hz, 150mA
    • Water pressure: 0.01MPa~0.5MPa
    • Output power: 3W~20W
    • Frequency: 28kHz±3kHz
    • Weight of main unit: 3.7 lb (1.7kg)
    • Package: 1pc/box, 4boxes/ctn

        Packing List

        • 1* UDS-J2 LED Ultrasonic Scaler
        • 1* Sealed handpiece (HW-1L)
        • 2* Headpiece sleeve
        • 1* Foot switch
        • 5* Scaling tips: GD1x3; GD2x1; P1x1
        • 1* Torque wrench
        • 1* Water pipe
        • 1* Instruction manual
        • 1* Qualified certification
        • 1* Warranty card


          One year's free repair for the whole unit from the date of purchase. Lifetime maintenance.