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JMU Endo H-Files SS Hand Use 21-31mm 15#-40# 6Pcs

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Size: 21mm 15#-40#

JMU Dental Endodontic Root Canal H Files Stainless Steel Hand Use H-Files 15#-40# 21mm 25mm 28mm 31mm Good Flexibility Fracture Resistance 6Pcs/Pack


  • High quality stainless steel good flexibility and fracture resistance.
  • H file has a round cross-section,it will be more efficient to use it for lifting up and down.
  • High quality cutting efficiency, greatly improve the efficiency of dentists work, save time and effort.
  • Hand use files with fixed plastic washer and handle.
  • Maximum temperature of sterilization is 145℃.

        Technical Specifications

        • Material: Stainless Steel
        • Size: 21mm 25mm 28mm 31mm
        • Package: 6Pcs/Pack (15#, 20#, 25#, 30#, 35#, 40#)